New Creation!

We have just finished our first week with the amazing dancers of The Icelandic Dance Company. And damn these are one group of super talented people. We feel super lucky to work with them!

We are digging into the world of Dada - sound poetry - collage - sculptural costumes - and playfulness

So far it's been loads of fun. We are yet again working with Sveinbjörn Thorarensen and now for set design and costumes we are working with the visual artist Þórdís Erla Zoega. You can check out her amazing stuff here. There is actually a lot of lost data on the dance of dada. The lost dada. There were some dada dancers whom existed, but they were female and weren't written much about. It is only recently that their names start to pop up more. Like here

But I think dada dance is pretty exciting.

More later x

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