Oops we haven't updated this in a loong time.

But here are some news of Inga&Rósa - both together and seperately. Inga has been super busy and awesome and always working! She is now soon going to dance in a new piece by Eleanor Bauer which will be an KunstenFestivalDesArts! I saw a run of it and I have to say it seems super promising!!! I wouldn't miss this ;) It's kind of a musical - it's a Meyoucycle!

I myself just came back from Syros in Greece, where I jumpstarted my research project Secondhand Knowledge. I worked with such enthusiastic and creative and artistic and inspiring girls there and we made some awesome art - and all using and embracing the notion of Secondhand Knowledge. Here is a video of some Fluxus scores we did in the city center :

In other news: Inga & I have started a new project together. We are going to make a new performance for the Icelandic Dancecompany in the fall! We started doing research and making some scores and structures already! Stay tuned xx

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