Hi everyone, this summer has been super busy for both of us: I have just come back from Impulstanz where I did danceweb and met a lot of great people! Soon me and Inga will start working again. But first we go to Paris to meet our lovely scenographer to check out what she has been busy making for us!

Inga was in Iceland where she was attending and performing at the Reykjavík Dance Festival which I hear was absolutely great! After that she went streight to Portugal where she was performing with Slava Sanchis, And now she is on her way back to Brussel! Our musician Sveinbjörn will also come soon to Brussels and we will have a performance with some of the material we have been making. More information on that soon...

In Impulstanz I danced with Marten Spangberg in his new performance The Planet. ....and here is the whole thing. It was such a fun!

untill soon



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